Polish and precision roughing for components in bulk with delicate and complex geometry and dimensions.

We at Baster make sure about the correct combination between product and chips to optimize the process and achieve the best result.


In processes such as roughing, rounding of sharp edges, smoothing, polish and micro polish, we apply the latest technology, special for small and delicate parts.

We apply our Micro Care system for micro polish in small and delicate parts up to 2mm thick. For instance, some applications where we use this special micro polish system for extremely delicate, fragile parts of almost tiny dimensions are drill bits and cutting tools, medical instruments, lab and surgery instruments, dental implants, 3D printing parts, jewellery and watchmaking…

Our facilities and advanced technology for roughing and special micro polish allow us to eliminate the sharp edges in difficult access points, both interior and exterior; we also eliminate the surface roughness to very low values.